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Responses from EMQ’s structured self reflection evaluation are mapped using over 1,200 data points across 74 attributes covering these 12 factors.


"The level of detail was incredible and it was very insightful.  For some my first reaction was that's not true! Then when I thought about it, I realized it in fact was.  It made me see myself truthfully, made me acutely aware, and now I am able to work on myself from a position of clarity. "

Project Manager @ Capital One

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Holding oneself accountable for your actions, mindset, behaviors and attitude.

Mindful Practice

A contemplative practice of paying attention, being in the present moment, and being non-judgmental.


Embracing opportunities for growth and learning, setting challenging goals and acknowledging meaningful achievements.

Positive Outlook

Expressing genuine gratitude and seeing the good in situations and people.

Alignment of Task and Time

Correlating time and efforts to one's purpose, skills, and to what is meaningful.

Purpose and Meaning

Being connected to a greater purpose and having a focus on what brings oneself satisfaction.


Being genuinely nice and acting with compassion and integrity.


Fostering quality and authentic connections with others.


Being aware of oneself and one's environment.

Solution Focused

Having the ability to move past frustrating situations and challenging circumstances.

Basic Wellbeing and Self Care

Ensuring that basic needs around health and wellbeing are taken care of as well as practicing kindness to oneself and others.

Support Network

Utilizing a strong support network.


"It started with awareness and seeing my behaviors so clearly.  I had a massive ‘ah-ha’ moment in where I had been justifying certain behaviors that have been limiting me.  In one session I figured out a huge barrier, and to this day it has changed how I approach situations, make decisions, and I am happier than I ever was before."

Business Owner

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