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Fostering and motivating high performance teams

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Research shows that teams are the crucial units for business success. Our systematic approach works with the individual and the collective team, focusing on the attitudes and behaviors needed for collaboration, trust, and creativity.


Increase Team Synergy

Create a positive team morale by understanding individual behaviors and how they interact with others.


Elevate Collaboration

Foster healthy and supportive team dynamics built on trust, accountability, openness, and transparency.


Increase Team Effectiveness

Increase team capacity and improve communications to better achieve individual and shared goals and objectives.


Our services are modular and can build upon each other depending on needs, goals, and progress.

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Team assessment

Each individual will take their EMQ assessment, results will be analyzed on an individual and team level to understand how the behaviors are impacting performance and engagement.

  • Assessment & analysis

  • 60 minute session with coach for each individual

  • Personalized report and workbook for each individual

  • Team report for manager

  • Debrief for team manager

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team development

A monthly program focused on developing team capabilities based on goals and their results. Each month a key behavior will be addressed collectively and at the individual level. Typically lasting 3-6 months. Includes monthly:

  • Individual coaching sessions

  • Team session

  • Coach support via email

  • Monitoring progress

  • Exercises aligned to areas of enhancement

  • Manager reports

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team workshop

Ideal for team kick-offs, off-sites, or trainings, our interactive workshop works on team challenges, equipping team members with tools and strategies, and creating immediately applicable actions.

  • Onsite or offsite

  • Created based on needs and goals

  • Can include assessment


“What was so amazing was the speed of impact and seeing how the behaviors played together. We were working on boundaries as a team, but the process allowed personal needs to be addressed, which impacted the whole teams performance. Focusing on the whole person at the same time, enabled each person to be better as a part of the team.”

-Team manager

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