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Creating positively energized, productive cultures of wellbeing.

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Several studies have shown that creating positively energizing behaviors and mindsets directly influences overall health, increases engagement and business performance, and improves innovation and relationships. We help employees develop strategies to decrease stress, increase focus, increase mindfulness, and limit distorted thoughts that can lead to negative feelings that can potentially manifest into destructive habits or toxic workplace behaviors.


Increase Engagement

Create an environment of positive behavior where employees are emotionally invested in their success and the success of the company.

Increase Productivity

Expedite progress to goals through time management, stress management, and building resilience.

Improve Wellbeing

Create environments where mental, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing thrives, and risks are reduced.

Deliver A Better CX

Build the behaviors and attitudes that lead to positive customer interactions, service, and experience. For hospitality, customer support, retail, and health care.


“In all my years of seeing assessments, there is nothing like this. The data is just so rich. We were able to make decisions within 30 days, that led to an increase in engagement.”

CEO - Workplace Solutions Company



Our services are modular and can build upon each other depending on needs, goals, and progress.

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Organizational Assessment

Our organizational assessment allows you to see patterns, identify a roadmap for positive change, and view data by segments to best inform your decisions.

  • Assessment & analysis

  • Personalized report and workbook for each participant

  • Comprehensive organizational report

  • Stakeholder debrief

  • Interactive dashboard

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Onsite or virtual workshops

Whether you want to focus on a particular area or do a series, we provide actionable education experiences for employees to increase awareness and learn easy to implement life hacks.

  • Custom or pick from our library of topics

  • Onsite or virtual

  • Workbooks and assessment options

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Making sense of your data

Have lots of data but aren’t sure what to do with it? Have messy, unorganized, or raw data such as employee comments? We make sense of your data by analyzing it against our model.

  • Identify actions for improvement

  • Identify gaps in your data or blind spots

  • Comprehensive report and analysis

  • Stakeholder debrief


Interested in EMQ for Your Employees or Integrated to your Existing Wellness Programs or Center?

Want to use EMQ for your employees, or a specific group of employees? Want to include the assessment component for your own staff or coaches? No problem, contact us to discuss your needs and options.

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