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Existing managers, first time managers, managers-to-be


Managers are critical to employee engagement, productivity, and retention, empower their success

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Research shows that managers play a critical role in employee engagement and productivity. Through our signature assessment, tools, personalized support and analytics, managers will develop their skills to build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate their development, and achieve their goals.


Improve Communications

Cultivate skills so that managers can communicate company direction, goals, and vision, utilize effective two-way feedback, and build strong conflict resolution strategies.


Increase Resilience

Build the muscle for resilience so that managers can manage stress, best manage their time and energy, and promote a culture of mental and emotional wellness.


Motivate Employees

Enable managers to build open, honest relationships, inspire high performance through prioritization, and role model the cultural values.


“The debrief made it make more sense.  Within 30 days I was feeling happier, within a just a couple of months I felt like I was responding better.  There were still challenging times happening such as layoffs – but I had changed, it was not affecting me in the same negative way.”




For managers, or new/on-track managers.

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MANAGER Breakthrough

Managers will quickly hone in on the behaviors they need to better develop to effectively manager their employees and be provided the tools to get started.

  • Assessment & analysis

  • 60 minute session with coach

  • Personalized report and workbook

  • Manager aggregate report

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A monthly program to equip managers with the tools, behaviors, and mindsets they need to effectively communicate with, value, support, and grow their employees. Each month will focus on a critical behavior based on their results. Typically 3-6 months. Includes monthly:

  • 60 minute session with coach

  • Coach support via email

  • Monitoring progress

  • Skill stretching activities

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Management Workshop

For new managers, first time managers, or current managers, our workshops offer an interactive experience in which managers will learn techniques, form supportive bonds, practically apply insights, and walk away with tools to continue improving their management capabilities.

  • Onsite or offsite

  • Can cover any of the 74 behaviors. Popular topics include values, communications, resilience, and stress management


"At the core the EMQ exercise allowed me to properly assess my mindfulness, self awareness and proactive behavioral practices that will only make me a more well rounded human being and allow me to be better to and for others.”

Vanessa James

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