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Cultivating accountable, authentic, high-performance leadership

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Research shows that there is a leadership skills gaps and even though leadership accountability is critical to business success, only around 30% of leaders demonstrate it. Positive and productive leaders, create high performance, resilient, energy rich, environments where employees are inspired and engaged.



Increase Accountability

Develop accountable leaders who are highly self-aware and are responsible for their choices, communications, actions, and responses.


Elevate Performance

Foster leadership capabilities and strong mental processes to navigate emotional states, influence, negotiate, unite and inspire people to achieve results.


Foster Your Culture

Create leadership who role model your cultural values and inspire a positive, productive, and accountable culture for increased engagement and retention.



“I have taken MBTI and Strength Finders, they were helpful in giving you themes, but this is far more dynamic and tailored to me. I liked the questions. In the others you can’t help but game the outcome, this took me out of that context, it was personal.”

“Far more dynamic and tailored to me”

Chief of Staff, Fortune 100 Company

“How on target it is…it’s amazing how quickly it works”

Senior Leader, Aerospace and Defense

“This was really interesting, not what I expected at all. I have done so many of these things, colors, careers, MBTI, you name it. But this stands out. Firstly, how on target it is. The others are usually on target for personality things, but this in on target for my inner thoughts and behaviors — very different. Secondly, that you can gather all of this from that one test. And thirdly, the actions are awesome. They are not changing who I am, but how to live in a better way that is more helpful for me. The other ones tell you - this is who you are - this is about growth. It is amazing how quickly it works.

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Our services are modular and can build upon each other depending on needs, goals, and progress.

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Leadership Breakthrough

Leaders will quickly become aware of the behaviors that are negatively or positively contributing to their capacity and impact as a leader, as well as receive a tailored plan and personal exercises aligned to their results.

  • Assessment & analysis

  • 60 minute session with coach

  • Personalized report and workbook

  • Leadership aggregate report

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Leadership COaching

A monthly program to equip leaders with the tools, behaviors, and mindsets they need to lead and inspire results. Typically lasting 3-6 months, each month focuses on an area for enhancement based on their assessment results. Includes monthly:

  • 60 minute session with coach

  • Coach support via email

  • Monitoring progress

  • Exercises aligned to areas of enhancement

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Leadership Workshop

Focusing on selected areas, our workshops offer an interactive experience in which leaders will learn techniques, create synergy, practically apply insights, and walk away with tools to continue engaging new behaviors.

  • Onsite or offsite

  • Can cover any of the 74 behaviors. Popular topics include values, communications, resilience, and stress management


Dr. Akilah Cadet, MPH

Health Sciences, Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Founder + Coach, Change Cadet

“The EMQ is unlike any other leadership assessment I've seen!”

“It is simple yet powerful in the sense that it clearly shows you how to connect the dots for areas of enhancement while highlighting the strengths of all types of leaders. It doesn't say you are this type or that color leader; the EMQ celebrates who you are, where you are, as a leader mentally, personally, and professionally allowing you to be your best self! 

Most leadership assessments ignore the importance of mental well being and personal drivers, even when data shows that mental health and wellness should not be overlooked in leadership roles.  The EMQ has 12 factors primarily rooted around a leader's passion, purpose, and mental wellness. The creators of this tool took the time to think about every detail needed to assure that any leader who took this assessment would continue to or learn how to be confident in themselves, how they lead, and influence others!"



Want Maximum Impact in the Fastest Time?

In 30 days leaders will make behavioral and mindset shifts to lead from a place of greater awareness, accountability, and authenticity. This purposefully designed program balances time and cost with maximum sustained impact to the leader, the organization, and the people they lead. Includes:


Assessment and breakthrough session PLUS + 3 weeks of

Tools, informative content and exercises

Coach support and weekly 1-on-1 session

Monitoring through quick-pulses


Not Just Another Leadership Evaluation


"I was slightly skeptical of seeing another management tool which added little value but was pleasantly surprised. The Energy Management overview gave an interesting insight and drove a desire to delve deeper into the report in particular the development which would be “Understanding and improving your top 5 opportunities”. What followed is an insightful report on how to develop both from an individual perspective and from a team angle. In particular I appreciate the section on knowing my limits.

I have recommended the EMQ to a peer of mine in another company who too was impressed and is considering implementing within their organisation"

-Senior Manager, DXC Technologies

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