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February’s Women’s Leadership Breakfast Booster



Thursday 28th February 2019

Topic: Getting Ahead While Staying True to Your Values

Our February booster created a safe, intimate space, for attendees to be vulnerable and answer the hard questions that lead to real growth and pivotal ah-ha moments. Hosted at The Post, Los Altos, the booster blended an energizing ambiance, education, growth, and support.

Kicking off with breakfast and energy shots, the workshop continued with two hours of actionable content, practical development exercises, and discussions, concluding with a delicious Power Bowl lunch and wine. The momentum didn’t stop there, with attendees taking away their personal workbooks from the session so that they could continue the growth with additional exercises.



“Your session yesterday was awesome.

I had a specific incident that I can apply this to. Today I lived my values.  Courage, Honesty and Fairness. I love that I actually know this now.”

Account Executive - Salesforce


“If you’re looking for a game changer, I highly recommend Breakfast Boosters! 

Sarah is a dynamic speaker and an authority on leadership development. She brings a unique approach by fusing psychology, really deep questioning and AI to fast track positive behavioral change in yourself. As an added bonus, you get well thought out energy foods and meaningful conversations with other inspiring women. 

Tanal Basma

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 9.25.07 AM.png



  • Learned actionable life hacks to increase their capacity, value, and impact as a leader.  

  • Took positive actions to cultivate their voice, get rid of negative beliefs and elevate their presence. 

  • Gained clarity through self-discovery of their personal value system and how their values were showing up in their lives.

  • Discovered how to positively charge their relationships, personal life, and work life through value congruence.

  • Addressed challenging questions for real growth.

  • Learned from meaningful conversations with peers.

  • Walked away with tools to continue driving value congruence across their behaviors and life. 


Great booster workshop! I’m still reflecting and getting energy from it!.”

Researcher - WhatsApp

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 9.25.07 AM.png

Interested in a Booster?

We will continue to host publicly available boosters throughout the year, however, if you want to bring the booster experience to women at your workplace, we offer onsite and offsite experiences. You can explore booster options below or contact us for more details!