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Making feeling good approachable, achievable, and accessible.

Developed by EffectUX

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“As an award winning, industry recognized, innovator in the measurement field, we have worked for years using our patent pending data-modeling methodology to expedite the pace of change in customer experience, workplace culture and employee engagement. With the increases in dis-engagement, stress, and burnout, it was a natural progression to apply our methodology to the wellness space, focused on mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

We developed the EMQ assessment and supporting tools, services, and analytics to expedite the pace of change in creating healthier, happier, people and workplaces.

EMQ is an amazing opportunity for us to contribute to the space and help make a lasting impact to the lives of people. The results have been amazing and we are honored to be trusted by start-ups and Fortune 500’s, as well as be featured on several platforms including CIO magazine, HR Today, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global. We look forward to helping more people and organizations live, work, and play in an energy rich state!”



Founder EffectUX

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Changing the game.

Using the power of technology, data, and algorithms, combined with the human touch, we are changing how people perceive mental, emotional, an behavioral wellness and how they proactively develop core competencies.



Feeling your best is complex and can mean tough or sensitive conversations. We make these topics easy and comfortable to discuss by very simply visually showing people where their blockers are and how everything fits together. By providing them a plan as well as the insights, people can more easily take the first successful step, from which motivation grows



Nothing stops progress more than feeling as if the action is unachievable due to time, money, or complexity, or seeing little to no impact once you do take action. By immediately showing a clear plan, broken down into focused, attainable, steps, and by focusing on the right actions, straight away, our customers and clients see positive impact within weeks, providing motivation to keep going. We also have optimized the time commitment required so that the development efforts can easily fit into people’s real lives.


We combine technology with the human touch. With the mobile enabled assessment, tools for monitoring, and digital mechanisms for exercises and coaching, all aspects of the framework is easily available in the way that works best for the individual. By using the assessment upfront we create personalized plans from which people can be guided through their development or access people to help them, whichever is right for their situation, time, and budget.