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FAST TRACKING Positive Behavioral Change.

The fastest and most accurate way to identify what’s impacting performance AND happiness, and engage new sustained behaviors, that fuel POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE and workplaces.


Start with a quick self-assessment of yourself, or your organization, to understand how critical behaviors are impacting positivity, performance, and energy levels! 

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 Billions are spent on creating engaged, high performance cultures, yet there are high levels of stress, burnout & anxiety working against these goals.

Corporate wellness is a near 8 billion dollar industry, the improvement market is over 10 billion, and there are over 160,000 health and medical apps, of which 2/3rds are for nutrition, wellness, stress, and fitness. Yet, studies show that there is clearly a gap with high levels of stress and burnout and lower levels of satisfaction.


50% of the workforce suffer from burnout

70% are disengaged in their work

8/10 Americans are inflicted by stress.


Different from the start

Our assessment leverages a patent pending methodology and data science, to rapidly provide accurate diagnostics across 74 critical success behaviors, resulting in a clear roadmap for guaranteed positive change. Combined with our programs that achieve the highest impact in the shortest time, we help professionals and organizations PERFORM and FEEL their best.

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Welcome to EMQ: live, work, AND play in an energy rich state.

By rapidly and accurately identifying the de-energizing behaviors of individuals, teams, and organizations and shifting them into energizing habits, our customers see higher levels of positivity, engagement, productivity, and resiliency, in as fast as 30 days.

By taking in the responses to the EMQ structured self-reflection and analyzing it against our extensively researched data model, EMQ immediately provides the tactical and strategic steps to thrive in an energy rich state.

Energy Poor

Energy poor


Stuck in cycles of rumination and amplification of the negative. focused on barriers, feeling overwhelmed and a continuous state of fatigue.

Energy Neutral

Energy neutral


Generally keeping the status quo, feeling ok but not progressing nor really fulfilled, feeling stagnant and as if more can be achieved.

Energy Rich

Energy rich


A mindset of abundance, able to sustain change and grow in challenging moments, feelings of progression and an internal harmony.

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director, applied materials

“I’m truly amazed at the positive rate of change in my life as a result of going through this program!”

“At the end of my 30-day program I’m far better attuned to my own core values and needs, and I’m consistently monitoring and adjusting the areas which reduce my energy and impact.”

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 Transforming behaviors to live, work, and play, in healthier and more satisfying ways.

By using a clear picture of mindset and behavioral blockers, combined with personalized guided programming and monitoring that fits real life, we provide expedited and sustained positive impact, so that people are more energetic, productive, empowered, and innovative.



Our assessment uses hundreds of points of analysis against a science backed model to rapidly isolate de-energizing behaviors and provide a personalized roadmap.



Mindset and behavior modification through personalized exercises aligned to EMQ assessment results, coaching, and actionable insights.


Analytics and reporting

Interactive dashboards, monitoring, and personalized reports, for individuals, teams, and organizations to increase awareness and provide strategies.


The Fuel Wheel


Clearly see why.

The Fuel Wheel

Building the mental muscles and competencies for emotional, mental, and behavioral health

Many times people do not know what’s making them feel a certain way. The assessment shows clearly where and why individuals, teams, and organizations are being positively and negatively impacted and reveals what needs to be started, stopped, or continued, which provides the cornerstone for the change process.

By isolating the underlying de-energizing behaviors and mindsets, and the magnitude of each, each plan is tailored to the actions that will create positive shifts in productivity, performance, and happiness.



Founder of Vanessa James Media | TV & Radio Host | The voice of KTU New York, HIT 97.3 Miami, KMEL, Jet Blue, Palace Resorts & More!

“EMQ is a vital product for today’s business professional.”

“At the core the EMQ exercise allowed me to properly assess my mindfulness, self awareness and proactive behavioral practices that will only make me a more well rounded human being and allow me to be better to and for others.

This game changing assessment tool should be a mandatory part of evaluations for both large and small scale companies, start up entrepreneurs as well as individuals looking to level up for greater daily output in all aspects of their lives.”

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As Featured

As Featured

6 Benefits of EMQ


1: Increased Resilience  

Develop abilities to adapt to complex changes and increase capacity to recover quickly from difficulties as well as increased stress management capabilities.

2: Sustained Positivity

Learn how to break down disempowering thoughts to achieve desires and hopes, increase personal fulfillment and gratitude.

3: Improved Wellbeing

Develop accurate self- and contextual awareness of the environment and emotions, for improved attention, responses, and immune systems.

4: Improved Ideation 

Develop techniques to relax the mind, elevate creativity and experience more awe, stimulating the flow of ideas and materialization of solutions.

5: Healthier Relationships

Become aware of energy and it's infectious affects, to be able to cultivate relationships that are meaningful, reciprocal, rewarding, and fulfilling.

6: Aligned Thoughts

Reduce the effect of inaccurate thoughts and develop a practice of respect, kindness and compassion.

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Current leaders, on-track leaders and business owners.



Current managers, first time managers, or managers-to-be.



Teams reporting to the same manager or project teams.

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Specific segments, functions, or company representation.


We are passionate about leveraging our tools and techniques to support a diverse pipeline to leadership and the success of women in business.

While positive progress is being made, the pace of change in diverse leadership is slow.  By focusing on the specific challenges women face, focusing on the whole woman, and cultivating the right habits for success, Our programs and workshops are proven to create meaningful impact to the life of the individual and to the workplace.

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How It Works



Take the EMQ Structured Reflection

Participants respond to different scenarios that will reflect upon behaviors and feelings.


Responses Are analyzed by an expert

An EMQ analyst will use our proprietary tools, built on our research based model, and over 1200 relationships in the responses, to see understand the patterns across the 74 key behaviors and their impact, typically leading to 3-6 breakthroughs.


Discuss patterns with an emq coach

A 60 minute session in which results are explored, the “whys” identified, and the negative associations are discovered.

This can be live or via phone.


Growth via mindset and behavior modification

Participants embark on a journey of positive change, supported with tools, coaching sessions, informative content, tracking, and behavior and cognitive exercises.

Development options vary depending on how quickly you want to see sustained results.


Holly Delgado, DELL, EMC

“It has been transformative for me”

“Both professionally and personally. I loved the in-depth “EMQ” assessment which was eye opening and a game-changer for me. The tailored resources and actionable course work helped me grow each week and celebrate my improvements.  I am a fan for life and you are missing out if you haven’t tried one of the EMQ programs!”


Stress is having a profound impact on individuals and businesses



With 40% of workers reporting that their job is very or extremely stressful, 1 in 5 of even the highly engaged employees suffering from high levels of burnout and 80% of workers feeling stress on the job, with nearly half saying they need help in learning how to manage stress, the time to act is now.


Increase in productivity when the brain is in a positive state versus negative or neutral


Increase in sales, and 19% increase in task accuracy when people feel happier


$4 return on every $1 spent on mental wellness programs in better health and ability to work


$ saved per employee that is converted from unhappy to happy (based on average $65,000 salary)


Companies with happier and engaged employees outperform their competition by 20%


Less absenteeism when employees are engaged at work


The Wellness Formula

The Wellness Formula is a quick-to-read overview that will provide you research-based insights, ideas, and proven tips that you can apply to your own wellbeing, or to your organizational strategies for a positively energized, fulfilled, and productive workforce. It is included for EMQ participants to support their learning and growth.