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Empowering people to perform and feel their best.

By equipping individuals and organizations with the positive mindsets and behaviors to increase happiness, engagement, productivity and mental wellbeing.

What's your Energy Pulse?

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Billions are spent on corporate wellness programs and there are over 160,000 health and medical apps out there, of which 2/3rds are for nutrition, wellness, stress, and fitness. Yet, studies show that up to 50% of the workforce suffer from burnout, as high as 70% are disengaged in their work, 8/10 Americans are inflicted by stress, and depression levels are increasing more than ever before.  There is clearly a gap.

Welcome, to EMQ.  The Energy Management Quotient rapidly and accurately provides the individual, or team, structured and tactical steps to become more aware of their de-energizing behaviors.  It works to shift these to positive behaviors, thereby providing ways to improve your overall emotional stability, engagement, productivity and fulfillment, creating healthier individuals and teams.  MyEMQ takes in your current behaviors and mindsets to understand how you can better manage your process of thought to enable you respond to life's challenges in the best way.  After all, it has been found that we control over 40% of our own happiness and it is MyEMQ’s mission to give you that control.


6 benefits of EMQ

Better Mental Wellbeing

1: Increase Resilience:  You can develop your ability to adapt to complex changes and increase your capacity to recover quickly from difficulties as well as increase your stress management capabilities.

2: Sustained Happiness:  Happiness encompasses personal fulfillment and gratitude.  You can learn how to break down disempowering thoughts to achieve your desires and hopes.  Growing a sense of gratitude, has also been linked to several benefits to both emotional and physical wellbeing.

3: Improve Attention, Memory, and your Immune System:   By becoming more self-aware of yourself, your environment and emotions, you will become more productive, engaged and physically healthier.

4: Improve Ideation:  Ideas flow when we are in a relaxed state of mind, with EMQ you can develop techniques to elevate your creativity and experience more awe.

5: Build Healthy Relationships:  Energy is infectious, by becoming aware of energy and it's affects, you can learn how to cultivate relationships that are meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling.

6: Align Your Thought Processes:  Reduce the effect of inaccurate thoughts and develop a practice of self-kindness and compassion.


“ The EMQ is unlike any other leadership assessment I've seen!” 


"The EMQ is unlike any other leadership assessment I've seen!  It is simple (whether doing it with the guide or with the support of a coach), yet powerful in the sense that it clearly shows you how to connect the dots for areas of enhancement while highlighting the strengths of all types of leaders. It doesn't say you are this type or that color leader; the EMQ celebrates who you are, where you are, as a leader mentally, personally, and professionally allowing you to be your best self! Most leadership assessments ignore the importance of mental well being and personal drivers, even when data shows that mental health and wellness should not be overlooked in leadership roles.  The EMQ has 12 factors primarily rooted around a leader's passion, purpose, and mental wellness to assure they can be their best selves first, and great leaders second. The creators of this tool took the time to think about every detail needed to assure that any leader who took this assessment would continue to or learn how to be confident in themselves, how they lead, and influence others!"

Dr. Akilah Cadet, MPH: 

Expertise in Health Sciences, Leadership and Organizational Behavior.

Founder + Coach, Change Cadet



What is EMQ?

The Energy Management Quotient is a diagnostic tool that is designed to change your de-energizing behaviors and remap negative mind-sets for individuals and teams.

We believe that using our patent pending methodology to build a clear picture of a person’s mindset and behavioral blockers, combined with personalized guided programming and monitoring that fits their life, we can provide expedited and sustained positive impact, leading to more fulfilled, accountable, happy, productive, and resilient individuals, teams, and organizations.

Through extensive research, data analysis, our modeling process, and hundreds of validated research studies, we have identified the 75 attributes that are necessary for optimal positive energy management.  These attributes fall into 12 factors which you can learn more about here.

How does EMQ enable better lives?

Being aware of your energy, utilizing energizing behaviors, and maintaining a positive mindset, enables peak performance and engagement.  In different moments we may be experiencing positive or negative emotions with varying levels of intensity.  By managing how you respond and implementing MyEMQ strategies to navigate your energy state, you can optimize the flow of your energy to remain in a positive state of performance and continual renewal.

When you are feeling "off", or as if something is missing, EMQ rapidly identifies what that is and helps you work through it.


Our Solution

Mobile Enabled Evaluation


The EMQ evaluation identifies a persons or teams behavioral and mindset blockers using a patent pending, data modeling methodology based on over 1000 data sources spanning over 50 years.

Results enable clear action plans to be formed and relationships in behaviors to be identified – rapidly identifying deeper root causes.



Proven breakthroughs within 3 days, and sustained change within 30 days.

Builds core capabilities to manage mental states, keeping people at peak performance and engagement.

1-1 or group coaching based on individual or collective needs.



Enables better use of other wellbeing efforts such as nutrition, fitness, coaching, and mindfulness.

Content personalized to exact results to bring internal alignment and congruence, as well as better relationships with others.

Mobile enabled tools and interactive reports to track and change course as needed.

  VANESSA JAMES    Founder of Vanessa James Media   Multi-Media/TV/Radio Host | National Voice Over Actor  The Voice of KTU New York, HIT 97.3 Miami, KMEL, JetBlue, Palace Resorts & More!


Founder of Vanessa James Media

Multi-Media/TV/Radio Host | National Voice Over Actor

The Voice of KTU New York, HIT 97.3 Miami, KMEL, JetBlue, Palace Resorts & More!

"After taking the EMQ behavioral assessment, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my personal habits and practices and how they directly affect my relationships (both personally and professionally ).

At the core the EMQ exercise allowed me to properly assess my mindfulness, self awareness and proactive behavioral practices that will only make me a more well rounded human being and allow me to be better to and for others. Setting clear expectations and boundaries, determining and living by my value system truly is about honoring my truth.

Overall, EMQ is a vital product for today’s business professional that I would most definitely recommend . This game changing assessment tool should be a mandatory part of evaluations for both large and small scale companies, start up entrepreneurs as well as individuals looking to level up for greater daily output in all aspects of their lives.

I’m grateful for the insight, excited about putting some of the positive value assessments into action and will be sharing my success about EMQ with my network."


How we can help

Elevate Wellbeing and Mindfulness Programs


With an increased focus on wellbeing, beyond gyms and healthy snacks, there is a need to focus on the mental wellbeing of your employees.

With MyEMQ, you can help employees develop strategies to decrease stress, increase focus, increase mindfulness, and limit distorted thoughts that can lead to negative feelings that can potentially manifest into destructive habits.  Instead, it equips them with the ability to learn how to lean into their emotions, process them, and respond in a purposeful way.

Create Resilient, High Performance Cultures


High performing cultures are those that are productive, fulfilled, and engaged.  Resilient workforces are able to adapt, lean into change, and face challenges head on.

With MyEMQ we focus on developing the cognitive processes and behaviors needed for increased resilience, creativity, and purpose.

Enhance Individual Personal Development


Personal development is a critical component of workforce engagement, attraction, and retention.  

With MyEMQ employees, management, and leadership can develop the skills needed to be their best professionally as well as personally in their everyday lives - as we all know, our work lives and our personal lives are emotionally bonded together.


Are you a Founder?

Being a founder or business owner is an emotional roller coaster.  EMQ helps founders and business owners create the strong mental processes needed to work through the challenges they experience, identify and break down blockers that may be impacting their businesses success, and provides support for their journey.


"EMQ is a powerful tool for rapidly honing in on the few critical characteristics or behaviors blocking growth and development, professionally and personally.  I found the analysis uncannily accurate and revealing, and benefited immediately from the very practical coaching to quickly make impactful positive changes.  

At the end of my 30-day program I’m on the brink of an exciting professional change, I’m far better attuned to my own core values and needs, and I’m consistently monitoring and adjusting the areas which reduce my energy and impact. 

I am truly amazed at the positive rate of change in my life as a result of going through this program!"

- Strategic Marketing Manager, @ Applied Materials (EMQ 30 Day Participant)



"The level of detail was incredible and it was very insightful.  For some my first reaction was that's not true! Then when I thought about it, I realized it in fact was.  It made me see myself truthfully, made me acutely aware, and now I am able to work on myself from a position of clarity. "

- Project Manager @ Capital One (EMQ Breakthrough Participant)

"It started with awareness and seeing my behaviors so clearly.  I had a massive ‘ah-ha’ moment in where I had been justifying certain behaviors that have been limiting me.  In one session I figured out a huge barrier, and am equipped with the tools I need to change."

- Business Owner (EMQ Breakthrough Participant)



Companies with happy and engaged employees outperform their competition by 20%


Several studies have shown that happiness and energy have led to positive impacts in:

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.49.05 PM.png


Positivity directly influences overall health.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.49.09 PM.png


Positive energy management has been linked to increased engagement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.49.13 PM.png


Positive mindset increases productivity and higher performance.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 1.49.17 PM.png


Engaged and positive employee interactions have a powerful and contagious effect.


41% LESS

lower absenteeism when employees are engaged at work



When a brain is in
a positive state versus negative or neutral.


$3,900 SAVED

Per employee that is converted from unhappy to happy (based on average $65,000 salary)



In task accuracy


Train your brain to make positive patterns a more automatic response


"The debrief made it make more sense.  Within 30 days I was feeling happier, within a just a couple of months I felt like I was responding better.  The culture and same old stuff was happening at work – but I had changed, it was not affecting me in the same negative way. "

- Senior Director, Technology (EMQ Breakthrough Participant)


"Not only is the program an excellent kick starter for personal development; it could be hugely beneficial for aligning new teams on a core mission and values - or strengthening an underperforming team by analyzing and optimizing individuals' complementary operating behaviors."

- EMQ 30 Day Participant, Applied Materials


Why it Matters

Our brains' tendency to look for negatives was once vital for human sustainment, and still plays an important role.  However, with the over stimulated environment we now live in, we need to manage the constant activation of our fight or flight mode, which stresses our nervous system, causing impact to our attention, focus, memory, and wellbeing.