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Women in Tech


We use EMQ to support the growth and progression of women in Tech.

For our partners, the women in tech that they serve can take advantage of up to 20% off EMQ services for themselves and their teams.

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Even though women tend to be better at communications and collaboration…

It has been shown that they can experience a confidence gap, a stifling inner voice, greater aversion to risk, and get stuck in a cycle of rumination. It has been proven that women experience more stress than men and that their aspirations can drop by 60% after two years on the job!

It is time to work on the underlying behaviors and mindsets that empower women with the capabilities to face challenges, forge forward, and navigate the myriad of emotions that the journey entails.


EMQ is the fastest, most accurate way to pinpoint blockers, and expedite the pace of sustained positive change.

Increase resilience

Manage stress

Navigate mental states

Break the cycle of rumination

Increase executive presence


20% Off Services For You


Feeling like you can do more? Feeling stuck or not your best? Apply your discount to a Breakthrough Session or our 30-day Kickstart!


Breakthrough Session

Includes the diagnostic, analysis, a 1-on-1 breakthrough coaching session, and a personal workbook to continue the momentum.

Kickstart Program

Building on the breakthrough session with 3 more weeks that includes: a weekly coaching session, real-time identification of triggers, and personalized content, tools, and exercises.


Manage a Women in Tech Group?

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“I am truly amazed at the positive rate of change in my life as a result of going through this program!

I found the analysis uncannily accurate and revealing, and benefited immediately.”

Marketing Director, Applied Materials


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How are you doing?


Take a moment to reflect on your resilience as well as your positive and energizing behaviors. Answer a couple of questions to find out how your behaviors are impacting your productivity and happiness.


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Organizational Pulse


This quick assessment will enable you to understand how your behaviors impact your energy, feelings, and performance.

This quick assessment will reflect the how behaviors in your organization impact the overall energy within the organization.