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The Wellness Formula

An Overview of The 12 Factors For Cultivating Positively Energized, High Performance Workplaces and Lifestyles

A rapid read providing research-based, data-driven, insights from neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness.



The wellness industry is on the cusp of a transformation.  With wellness for the mind needed more than ever, and capabilities such as resiliency and stress management being coined as the leadership skills for the 21st century, mental wellbeing is quickly becoming an organizational competitive advantage.

Based on our proprietary data modeling technique and over 1000 sources of data, including academic papers, research studies, expert opinions, books, and interviews, spanning over 50 years, we have discovered the 12 factors that keep people performing and feeling their best.

This overview will provide you research-based insights, ideas, and proven tips that you can apply to your own wellbeing, or to your organizational strategies for a positively energized, fulfilled, and productive workforce.  

Elevate Your Wellness

The Wellness Formula is currently included for EMQ participants. Ordering coming soon!

  • Understand the 12 factors that contribute to people feeling and performing their best.

  • Learn how to apply these behaviors to your life and to your organization.

  • Understand possible causes for low engagement or performance.

  • Understand how to cultivate organizational, and individual, resiliency.

  • Learn how to elevate your wellbeing strategies to include wellbeing for the mind.