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Discover what’s possible when you live at optimal energy, mental strength, and capacity!


Thank you for watching the 12-part video series on SpeakQ!

We are excited that you have decided to take the next step and experience EMQ to help you thrive both professionally and personally. EMQ leverages the power of data to immediately understand the influence of how you think and behave.  It's the fastest and most accurate way to identify what's impeding your achievements and happiness.

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What’s Your Fuel Wheel and How is it Impacting your Success?

Many times people don't know what's actually zapping their energy or making them feel a certain way. EMQ zeroes in on where, how and why you are being negatively impacted, revealing a roadmap to what needs to be started, stopped or continued.

Everyone’s fuel wheel is slightly different! We look at over 1200 points of analysis to identify the source of negative behaviors and mindsets that impact your performance and energy.


Your Limited Time Offer!


Get $80 off the EMQ Breakthrough Package!

The EMQ Breakthrough package provides awareness of your limiting behaviors and ways of thinking as well as kickstart techniques to start breaking them down!

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The EMQ Breakthrough Package includes:

  • The EMQ evaluation

  • Expert analysis and interpretation of your results

  • 1:1 60 minute session with an EMQ coach

  • Your personal analysis report

  • 30-day access to exercises and techniques to start working on your areas of enhancement.


Access your offer

Register for your package below to receive your code and instructions. You will have 30 days to take the reflection exercise.


Take the evaluation

After you submit it, your results will be analyzed and interpreted and you can schedule your session.


Have your 1:1 coaching session

In your session you will discuss your results and then receive your personal report and access to tailored exercises.

*Please note this version of EMQ is designed for professionals who have had at least 5 years of work experience.

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“ I found the analysis uncannily accurate and revealing. EMQ is a powerful tool for rapidly honing in on the few critical characteristics or behaviors blocking growth and development, professionally and personally. ”


30-Day Kickstart Program

Want Maximum Impact in the Fastest Time?

Feel happier, more energized, and more productive in just 30-days! Our 30-day program focuses on removing your main limiters for good.

For those ready to jump into growth, we offer our signature 30-day program in which you will make behavioral and mindset shifts to lead life from a place of greater mental strength, awareness, and authenticity…within 30 days! Due to our purposefully designed process, proven to change the way your think and respond, the results are sustained and participants feel the impact years later! It includes:

  • EMQ Assessment and breakthrough session

  • PLUS 3 weeks of weekly

    • Tools, informative content and exercises

    • Coach support and weekly 1-on-1 session

    • Monitoring through quick-pulses

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