MyEMQ Individual energy workbooks are ideal for:

  • Development initiatives and programs.

  • Employee value-add gifts.

  • Compliments to workshops or events.

They can be stand-alone, branded for your company, and/or aligned to your program.  They consist of:

  • Overview of overall energy distribution, energy plot, and top 3 strengths.

  • Individual overview of the 12 factors.

  • Top 10 areas or opportunity, the impact to business and life, and the energy distribution for each.

  • For the top 3 opportunities:

    • Behavioral analysis: what to start, stop, and continue.

    • Information and education: to build awareness around the impact of the attribute.

    • Cognitive development exercises: to work on creating energizing behaviors.




MyEMQ Group Energy Analysis is ideal for:

  • Leadership or manager understanding of groups, teams, or the organization.

  • Supporting HR initiatives for stress management, engagement, and wellbeing.

  • Compliment to workshops and events in which the collective data can be used to drive meaningful discussions.

They can be branded for your company and consist of:

  • Overview of the collective energy distribution.

  • Group energy plot to show levels of stress, burn out, engagement, and renewal.

  • Group overview of the 12 factors of positive energy management.

  • Top 10 opportunities to increase wellbeing, engagement, performance, or culture.

  • Behavior analysis and guidance for the top opportunity to identify the exact organization behavior that needs to be transformed.

  • Additional breakdowns can be included to show team level behavioral diagnostics.