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Thank You


For PArticipating in the Breakfast booster

If you would like to continue the values work you started in the Booster, or experience EMQ for yourself , we are delighted to share some limited time offers below!

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EMQ is the fastest, most accurate way to pinpoint blockers, and expedite the pace of sustained positive change in your life, relationships, and work.

“I am truly amazed at the positive rate or change in my life as a result of going through this program! I found the analysis uncannily accurate and revealing, and benefited immediately from the practical coaching.”

Marketing Director, Applied Materials

Increase resilience

Manage stress

Navigate mental states

Break the cycle of rumination

Increase executive presence



Specials EMQ Offers Just for YOU

If you would like to discuss which option may be right for you or discuss coaching options, please contact us. Offers are valid until April 30th 2019.



Values coaching session: we’ll spend a couple of hours with you over the next week or so in two separate coaching sessions to help you finish your workbook and create your plan.  


  • Two 1 on 1 sessions over video to coach you through completion of the workbook and create solid, achievable goals for progress.

Breakthrough PACKAGE

This provides you with the rapid and accurate identification of behaviors that are causing you to feel unfulfilled, unproductive, or simply, not your best self. Typically within 3 days.
It includes:

  • The EMQ structured self reflection

  • Analysis

  • Breakthrough session 1 hour

  • Personal work book: analysis, information, exercises

Kickstart Program

This 30 day program is a short term commitment that provides the highest level of impact in the shortest time. You will work on engaging new behaviors and processes of thought, by identifying triggers, zapping associations, and building positive and productive response systems.
Includes: Breakthrough PLUS 3 weeks of:

  • Coaching sessions

  • Personal workbooks with information and exercises aligned to the behaviors being engaged.

  • Structured journaling tool to monitor and build core awareness and response competencies.



If you are interested in having A booster for your team or organization, contact us below! We would love to discuss supporting your efforts!

  • Content is crafted based on your goals, covering any of the EMQ topics.

  • Collective data shared to drive open environments for meaningful conversation.

  • Actionable content and practical application of techniques.

  • Experiential activities to interrupt thinking and break through limiting beliefs.


“After taking the EMQ behavioral assessment, I’ve gained a greater understanding of my habits and practices and how they directly affect my relationships (both personally and professionally). At the core the EMQ exercise allowed me to properly assess my mindfulness, self awareness and proactive behavioral practices that will only make me a more well rounded human being and allow me to be better to and for others. Overall, EMQ is a vital product for today’s business professional that I would most definitely recommend . This is a game changing assessment tool”


Founder of Vanessa James Media


How are you doing?


Take a moment to reflect on your resilience as well as your positive and energizing behaviors. Answer a couple of questions to find out how your behaviors are impacting your productivity and happiness.


Individual Pulse

Organizational Pulse


This quick assessment will enable you to understand how your behaviors impact your energy, feelings, and performance.

This quick assessment will reflect the how behaviors in your organization impact the overall energy within the organization.