What is EMQ?

MyEMQ stands for My Energy Management Quotient.  It is designed to be a tool in helping you optimize your energy management capabilities by identifying your de-energizing behaviors.  By understanding how to best shift your mindset and process environmental stressors MyEMQ aims to improve your performance, relationships, and life fulfillment.  MyEMQ tools enable you to measure, track, and progress your journey.


The self-reflection exercise is the first step to gathering a comprehensive baseline of where you are with your energy management capabilities. It gathers your thoughts and responses to various scenarios and then uses 1200+ relationships to see where you are across 12 factors, across 75 attributes.


Individual reports provides your customized behavioral analysis, with specific insights, awareness, and tips to better raise the level of understanding about energy.  Cognitive development exercises are included for each area of opportunity to begin engaging new behaviors and processes of thought.

Manager reports provide insights to the impact the manager’s energy has on their productivity, communication, engagement, and the positive or negative impact on the team.

Team reports provide insights on how the team is impacted from their collective energy management and how individuals contribute to the behaviors that positively and negatively influences the team as a whole.  It also provides guidance for managers to interact and collaborate with their team, individual team members, and tools on how to shift and develop their energy management capabilities.

Note:  When the Team package is purchased, all reports align to the areas of opportunity for the team so that all levels of impact are targeted.


The MyEMQ journal enables weekly tracking of gratitude, reflection, and progress.  Depending on the option purchased, individuals will receive their digital journal once a week straight to their inbox and receive their documented journal summaries at the end of the program so that they can reflect and continue the momentum.  Managers, throughout the program, will be able to see how the team is progressing to enable meaningful conversations.  

Who created MyEMQ?

MyEMQ was developed by EffectUX, a company that uses their proprietary research-based data modeling process to understand the key attributes that need to be present to achieve a goal. 

What about validity?

Our aspiration for MyEMQ is to provide individuals and teams a comprehensive view to their energizing and de-energizing behaviors.  Our validation work will continue but up until now, we have obtained high levels of reported accuracy, positive user testing, and post reflection interviews that demonstrate validity in positive and impactful change to behavioral energies identified by MyEMQ. We have been honored to be featured in many publications such as HR Magazine, Thrive Global, CIO, Training Industry, the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and more.

The same proprietary process used to create MyEMQ has been proven to extract the impactful success factors that contribute to the achievement of a specific goal, across several industries and domains including: Workplace Culture, Self-Confidence, Team-Success, Workplace Experience, Video Conferencing Experience, Customer Experience Maturity, Support Experience, and many more. 

The models are built using vast amounts of both structured and unstructured data including but not limited to: validated research studies, market research, domain research, interviews, and observations.  The reflection evaluation is based on specific, observable behaviors which minimizes the potential for distortion.  The responses are mapped to the data model to look for indication of behaviors, or mind-sets, leading directly to actionable results.

What do you mean by Factors and Attributes?

Factors, are the success enablers in which positive energy management can thrive.  We discovered there are 12 key competencies that enable positive energy management.  To derive these, 100's of data sources, research studies, and insights were decomposed using our proprietary data modeling methodology. 

Attributes, are what needs to be present or specific capabilities or characteristics.  MyEMQ evaluates 75 of these.  For each attribute, there are several behaviors that enable the attribute to be it's most optimal. 

You will also see tags to show the impact of the attribute to others and your work - whether it is impacting:

  • Wellbeing: Taking care of oneself in an optimal way to enable one to be there for others in the best way.

  • Engagement: Feeling engaged with one's work, with others, and with one's organization.

  • Performance: Driving peak efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Culture: Enabling a culture of positivity and kindness.

Yes, energy management is vast, and complicated, but the beautiful thing is that making small changes in the attributes can lead to great impact.  We use the model to make sure that you are making impactful changes with a specific focus on areas that you should target.

What do you mean by Energizing and De-Energizing Behaviors?

Behaviors are picked up by looking at your reflection responses and using the MyEMQ model of over 1200 mappings to extract indicators that demonstrate various behaviors associated with optimal energy management.

We look at:

  • Energizing behaviors: these are habits you have that positively affect your ability to manage your energy. These are the behaviors that are good to continue.

  • Your Energy Management Gap: This includes your de-energizing behaviors - the things you may be doing that are negatively impacting your ability to manage your energy. These are the behaviors that the tools of MyEMQ will help you stop doing. It also includes the behaviors that need to be fully developed and engaged consistently for optimal energy management. These are the behaviors that the tools will help you to develop and start practicing.

Being aware of your energy, utilizing energizing behaviors, and maintaining a positive mindset, enables peak performance and engagement.  In different moments we may be experiencing positive or negative emotions with varying levels of intensity.  By managing how you respond and implementing MyEMQ strategies to navigate your energy state, you can optimize the flow of your energy to remain in a positive state of performance and continual renewal.

What happens if I have a lot of de-energizing behaviors?

MyEMQ measures how optimally an individual or team is managing their energy.  It is not a measure of competence, or personality, but a measure of how well equipped a person is to manage their energy in the best way for a positive impact.

There are no “negative” parts of the model so to speak, however, it will identify behaviors that may be negatively impacting your ability to effectively manage your energy.

Do not panic if you have lots of de-energizing behaviors.  We all have de-energizing behaviors and there are lots of behaviors that contribute to energy management.  Awareness is the first step in working to close the energy gap, and engaging new energizing behaviors instead.  So think of it more as a scale -  it is not who you are, it is how well you are equipped, and the good news is, it is never too late to develop the skills, mindsets, and behaviors to increase your energy management. 

Does my Energy change over time?

It certainly can, in fact that is the whole purpose of MyEMQ, to help people understand how to manage their energy in an optimal way, throughout all of life’s phases, no matter what change may come your way.

The purpose of MyEMQ, is to help you grow your energizing behaviors so that you can handle these challenging moments, and live a positively energized life.  By equipping you with the tools needed to effectively manage your energy, we hope you do see a change, a positive one that is!

Can my results be influenced by situational factors, for example extra stressed moments, or relaxed on holiday?

While these situational factors may well influence your energy, there is a vast model behind the profiler looking at hundreds and hundreds of indicators so it is unlikely to be impacted significantly. 

Of course, if you are going through an extreme and prolonged negative situation, you will see the impact of this on your energy – that is only natural.  Remember, that the purpose of MyEMQ is to equip you with the tools to manage this energy so that you can bring yourself back into the more positive states.

If you were influenced by a major situational factor and have reason to believe that the results may be distorted as a result, it make be worth considering re-taking the self reflection.

How is MyEMQ different than other personality questionnaires and assessments?

MyEMQ looks at over 70 attributes that enable you to effectively manage your energy for a positive impact – this is a critical distinction.  Once you understand where you are and what behaviors you need to stop, start, and continue, you can work on these using the tools provided to develop and improve your energy management capabilities.

It is not a general personality measure, nor does it describe behavioral preference, instead it identifies the behaviors you are doing that negatively or positively affects your ability to manage your energy in an optimal way.

MyEMQ differs from other assessments in many ways, including:

  • It focuses on specific observable behaviors – there are no ratings or duplicated questions here.

  • It is a scale of where you are against what is needed for positive energy management – it does not put you in a category, tell you what type you are, or who you are.

  • It locates actionable areas for change as well as easy to digest overviews of your energy distribution.

  • We focus on closing the Energy Gap and helping people engage new behaviors to create harmony in their lives.

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