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Satisfying Goals

Determining what your happiness goals are can help you break them down into achievable steps which will better work to shift your levels of fulfillment.


Being able to identify with the tasks and efforts you do can impact your overall feeling on engagement.  When we focus on goals that we connect with, are important to us, or provide us true satisfaction, we amplify the feeling that it is something we “want” to do, rather than “have to do”.

There are all kinds of different goals in life – professional, work related goals or fitness goals for example.  However, the most energized people set themselves happiness goals in the same way.

This applies to smaller goals for everyday life that are meaningful, as well as large challenging goals that can be broken down into smaller goals to achieve that will bring satisfaction along the way.

We all have goals, they can be given to us at work, or set by others…but what goals do you have for yourself?


Ask yourself: 
What makes you happy?

Have you thought about why you do what you do?  Your line of work?  Your activities outside of work?

What goals do you have?  Are they meaningful to you?

Do you take the time to evaluate what really resonates with your internal self?

Have you connected your goals to your meaning?


Focus on goals that bring you satisfaction.

The exercises below what help identify what’s valuable to you and your goals associated to them.


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