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My Emq

Supporting Diverse Individuals

Through workshops and focused development programs we are proud to apply EMQ to support the growth of diverse employees and support women focused development


Challenges For Diverse and Women Employees.

From our research and work with individuals and organizations we have seen first hand the factors hindering success.

EMQ works to build the core mental muscles, and habits, for achieving success.


Diverse employees can experience higher levels of challenges and adversity. Building resiliency helps them adapt in tough situations, lean into their emotions, process the moment, and progress with growth.

Risk Taking

Diverse employees have higher levels of fear of the unknown. This can limit them from taking chances, or leaning into new experiences that may be outside of their comfort zone. Being able to understand risk and process it, supports better decision making and increases exposure to deeper growth opportunities.

Value Congruence

Diverse employees often feel they have to be a certain way, or that they cannot express themselves. Feeling an internal alignment to ones intrinsic values, behaviors, relationships, and work enables an internal sense of balance which promotes positivity and wellbeing.


Communicating with purpose, threading a story to support a perspective and managing emotions are all key skills in having confidence to speak up in meetings and have healthy debates that all help bring diverse thoughts to the table.

The Cycle of Rumination

Women tend to get stuck in their thoughts, the could haves, should haves, and if-only’s. Being able to process moments and move forward is a key skill for personal and organizational success.

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While there has been an increase in awareness and support….


Men tend to apply for roles when they meet 60% of the criteria, women tend to wait until they meet 100%!

More than 50% of the 750 women surveyed said they obsess over work, and more than 3/4 regularly felt a lack of motivation.

After just 2 years on the job, women’s aspiration level drop by more than 60%!

Not to mention…

Women suffer from lingering negative emotions and higher levels of stress.

75% reported suffering from stress-related anxiety

71% reported feeling dissatisfied with life


82% reported feeling negative emotions


*from various research studies including a survey of 750 women by Bain and Company.


How we help

Supporting a Diverse Leadership Pipeline

We help organizations and diverse individuals break through their limiting beliefs & behaviors, creating open & transparent cultures, and developing empowering mindsets and habits for diverse employees to support a healthy pipeline of diverse leaders.


Individual Development

We use our evaluation, breakthrough sessions, and development services for women and diverse leaders - working with them as individuals.

Events and Workshops

We conduct private and public workshops, and speak at events, on the topics of EMQ, using a combined approach of data and practical application.

Development Program Support

We can support existing development programs, and supply guidance, to help you create healthy, happy, diverse cultures.