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Thursday February 28th, 2019


Learn and apply practical strategies to live your values for authentic leadership, unstoppable confidence, and a positively energized you!



Getting Ahead While Staying True to Your Values

Being able to act and communicate with congruence to your personal value system will enable you to feel internal consistency, increase your confidence, and help you better handle challenging situations.

You’re a go-getter which means you’re busy, moving fast and producing results.  You have values that are important to you and the data shows that you’ll achieve better results, quicker if you’re able to stay true to those values.  In this session we will focus on the first step, which is a clear articulation of your value set - the whole you, not just the work-you.  You’ll walk away with a personal manifesto and tools allowing you to manage congruence across relationship, personal life, and work.

You Will:

  • Understand the impact of value systems to emotions, beliefs, and behaviors, in a safe environment.

  • Gain clarity through self-discovery of your personal value system and manifesto as well as how to apply it to your response systems, relationships, and professional life.

  • Learn actionable and effective life hacks for greater positivity and congruence.

  • Experience a blend of energizing ambiance, education, development, and support so that you can move straight into action!

Your Ticket Includes:

  • Your Personal Workbook: Walk away with the tools and guidance needed to continue to engage behaviors that increase congruence in your life.

  • Networking: Connect and learn from other leaders.

  • Delicious bites: Breakfast and lunch are included, complete with an energizer shot and Power Bowls…not to mention the beautiful (woman-owned) location The Post.

  • A Book: A copy of The Wellness Formula.

  • A Parking Permit: so that you can enjoy the time without worry!


THE VENUE: The Post, Los Altos

Supporting Women Owned Businesses

Our Breakfast Booster will be hosted at The Post, Los Altos, a local woman owned business. The Post offers the perfect location for an energizing experience, complete with customizable set up for our group activities, A/V capability for learning and sharing, and delicious food that supports local, sustainable sources.






Brought to you by EffectUX

A data-driven company, specializing in rapid, accurate, and actionable measurement systems, for behavior and mindset modification, enabling people and organizations to achieve their transformative goals faster.

You can learn more about EffectUX here!

Facilitated by Sarah Deane

Sarah is passionate about expediting the pace of change, supporting the growth of women, and empowering a diverse pipeline to leadership.  Through her proven, patent-pending methodology, Sarah leverages her extensive research, tools, and systems to help women maximize their impact in their lives and at work, foster healthy relationships, and catalyze sustained success. As a writer and speaker, Sarah has been featured on many platforms and is the recent winner of the Human Resources Today 2018 MVP Awards in three categories: Analytics, Leadership Development, and What's Next in HR.

You can learn more about Sarah here!



Real Life Impact & Immediately Actionable Content


I’m truly amazed at the positive rate of change in my life as a result of going through this program! I’m far better attuned to my own core values and needs, and I’m consistently monitoring and adjusting the areas which reduce my energy and impact.”

Director, Applied Materials, EMQ Participant


“The content resonated with me, and you provided some "hacks" that definitely came in handy throughout the week.”

Life Hacks to Be a Power Leader Attendee


“The experience inspired me to keep working to create the change I want to see in this world. I walked away feeling like my voice is valuable. I walked away with steps to take action in my life, personally, creatively, and professionally.”

Angela, Manager, Ernst and Young, Authentic Confidence Workshop Attendee

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A Perfectly Balanced Breakfast Experience


Breakfast Boosters are experiential workshops where participants are introduced to powerful concepts through self-assessment, exploratory discussions, and the application of practical techniques.


They can be hosted offsite or onsite, with our event planning partners (The Post), we create just the right ambiance for feeling energized and inspired.


Attendees will participate in practical development and experiential learning activities, with materials and workbooks that they can take away to continue the momentum.


Attendees will connect with others, form supportive bonds, and learn from their peers and experts.